VTTI B.V. (70%)
VTTI is a fast-growing independent provider of energy storage worldwide. VTTI currently offers over 9 million cubic meters of combined storage capacity across 5 continents. VTTI’s terminals are strategically located at major shipping crossroads of the globe as well as in locations that are supply gateways to or from specific oil markets.
VTTI benefits from two strong shareholders, Buckeye and Vitol, that support VTTI’s continued growth as an independent global terminal operator. VTTI is run as an standalone company under the leadership of CEO Rob Nijst.


JICARO (15%)
Established in 2014, Jicaro is a 100% Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment investment company. Amongst its empowerment members are women, youth and representatives from rural communities. The company has brought together vast technical and commercial oil and gas experience


Thebe Investment Corporation (15%)
Thebe Investment Corporation is an African investment management firm which was founded in 1992 as a wholly-owned entity of the Batho-Batho Trust established by anti-apartheid leaders Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Enos Mabuza and Beyers Naudé.
Thebe’s founders established the company to promote socio-economic transformation through the economic participation of the previously marginalised South Africans. In this regard, Thebe is unique in the sense that it does not exist only to make a profit, but to drive community development through assisting communities to be actively involved in sustainable wealth creation.